Memory Trust Foundation

What We Do


Memory Trust Foundation was created to bring the film community and patients with life-threatening illnesses together to create memories and messages for their friends and family after the passing of their loved one(s).


Inspired after the loss of a family member to colon cancer, Amit A. Patel started Memory Trust Foundation with the hope to create an international organization that helps cure a patient's pain when medicine cannot cure their disease. Working closely with a team of dedicated members, it has successfully created a "memory prototype" and is now poised to form partnerships with healthcare organizations and entertainment entities to begin creating memories.

Memory Trust Foundation helps patients come to terms with their incurable disease by addressing the issue that the patient will not be with their loved ones when they need them the most. We work with the individual to create up to five memories that will be placed in our trust until they are triggered for delivery. Common examples of such memories include a message for a significant other on a particular anniversary, a message for a child on their wedding day, or a message for a best friend on a particular birthday.